Don't Look Now

Season No.: 10 Episode No.: 355 Airdate: October 14, 2013 Sister episode(s): Seance Shmeance


Spongebob Patrick Squidward Anglerfish Fisherman Gary


1. This is the third time Spongebob watches a scary movie. The first was Krab-Borg, the second was Planet Of The Jellyfish. 2. This episode premiered in Greece on July 1, 2013 before it premiered in the USA. 3. The title card has Spongebob's eyes in it. 4. This episode might be similar to Krab-Borg and Toy Store Of Doom since Spongebob thinks a monster is after him in both of those episodes. 5. This is the second time Squidward freaks out Spongebob with his fishing rod. The first was Hooky where he was trying to get his pants pulled off. 6. This is the first time the Now That We're Men was used since The Spongebob Squarepants Movie. 7. It is Unknown what movie Squidward was seeing at the beginning. 8. This is the first episode to premiere since Safe Deposit Krabs which premiered May 25, 2013. 9. This is also the first episode to premiere with another episode in 2013.